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DR2 Hard- and Software Set

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Multiparametric Hard- and Software Set for Performance Diagnostics

The innovative DR2 muscle oximetry system enables you to determine multiple performance related parameters and to, therefore, offer a more comprehensive sports performance diagnostic service. The measurement occurs non-invasively, parallel and directly on the active muscle.
The parameters measured by using the DR2 sensor system can be read, and the related data can be displayed, analyzed and documented by use of the OXY4Pro software.


Main features:

- Import and parallel display of all parameters of up to 4 DR2 sensors
- Analysis
- Comparison
- Documentation (print/export)


 The set consists of:

- 1 DR2 sensor
- 1 OXY4Pro analysis software licence 
- 1 leg sleeve (size freely selectable)
- 1 micro USB cable
- 1 storage case 


The software can analyze up to 4 DR2 sensors at once.


Net price for DR2 Hard- and Software Set: EUR 1999 (net).

Price for every additional DR2 sensor: EUR 899 (net).

Please note that the set will be delivered from July and onwards.

The prices are exclusive of VAT, shipping costs and any import taxes.