OXY4 DR2 Sensor
DR2 Sensor
DR2 Sensor

DR2 Sensor

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Multiparametric Sensor for Performance Diagnostics

The innovative DR2 muscle oximetry system enables you to determine multiple performance related parameters and to, therefore, offer a more comprehensive sports performance diagnostic service. The measurement occurs non-invasively, parallel and directly on the active muscle.


Measurable parameters:

- Muscle Oxygen Saturation (SmO2)
- Tissue Hemoglobin Index (THI)
- Pulse Index (PI)
- Pulse Rate (PR)



- 1 leg sleeve (size freely selectable)
- 1 micro USB cable
- 1 storage case 


The sensor weighs 50g and measures 79.5 x 54.6 x 19.2 mm.


Price for a single sensor: EUR 999 (net).

Price for every additional sensor: EUR 899 (net).

Please note that the set will be delivered from July and onwards.

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